On our pearls listing 1 pack contains 1 pearl, please do not confuse that we are sending 3 pearls in a single pack.

Policy Added Date: 11/15/2020

For wholesale opportunities please contact us directly via email:


Policy Added Date: 11/06/2020
Due to some technical issues, we closed our previous shop named : VIGORGoods and we opened as VIGORGoods1, please contact us here for any type of issues with your order in our previous shop, we love our customers and we don't leave our customers alone.

we promise you will shop with same confidence here what you have before.

Policy Added Date: 11/05/2020
Once the package has been dispatched from our fulfillment center we cannot change address and it is not in our control to make any changes to the address. Please contact USPS to request your package for pick up.

I am unable to provide replacement orders if the order has been marked "Delivered" by USPS. Please reach out to USPS with your tracking number so they can double check the GPS coordinates where it was scanned as "Delivered." If a package has not moved in 7-10 business days, please reach out to USPS to get additional tracking information. As an Etsy shop owner, I do not have any additional resources when dealing with USPS. With that being said, I will also do everything in my power to get your package moving along if possible, but USPS needs to hear from BOTH the seller and the buyer.

If you have any issues with your order, just message us! we'll do whatever we can and go above and beyond to correct the issue.

Policy Added Date: 04/05/2020
We are not responsible for any type of health claims, Please do you own research before purchasing any products.

Policy Added Date: 03/01/2020

We are adding Priority 1 and Priority 2 beside free shipping, this helps our customers orders get higher priority over free shipping.

Policy Added Date: 01/01/2019