Dropshipping BBQ 36-39cm 2000W outdoor household baking heat resistant 2-3 personal smokeless electric oven grill

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In Chinese food, there is a kind called BBQ, including: roast goose, soy sauce chicken, roast meat, barbecued pork and so on. It is not a kind of barbecue that diners can burn and eat immediately, but it is also called BBQ in English. Chinese food, cooking through four stages of development, which is: fire cooking, stone cooking, water cooking, oil cooking. Fire cooking is the most primitive method of cooking.
Products name:smokeless electric oven grill Size: 50 * 34* 12 cm The two types of packaging are random, different batches, different packaging. Advantages: 1. Model A has 5 gears for temperature adjustment, and Model B has 6 gears for temperature adjustment. 2. Barbecue rack 36-39cm, suitable for 2-3 people at the same time. 3. Removable components, easy to handle and clean after dinner at the end of daily. 4. The height of type A barbecue net can be adjusted in 3 gears, which is suitable for cooking different ingredients. 5. Model B has high temperature resistant nylon handle to prevent scalding and increase friction, which is high-grade and practical. 6. Model B has two height gears to choose from. Different height gears are suitable for handling different food ingredients. 7. The bottom of model B has enlarged floor pad to prevent tipping and make it more stable when barbecuing. 8. These two models can be barbecued, used as a frying pan, or fried with a variety of ingredients. 9. Fast heating, smokeless barbecue, intelligent constant temperature, convenient for your life, better enjoy life. # Note: 1. Oil pan to add some water for reuse, convenient cleaning. 2. Don't dry cook. 3. The power supply must be well connected to avoid poor contact.

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Product name: colorful wine bottle opener
Size: 12.2*1.3*2.1cm
G.W: 0.08KG
Material: Stainless steel
Shipping package:300pcs/25*27*43cm
1. Exquisite and beautiful appearance, luxury and fashion, showing aristocratic style
2. Breakthrough technology, one-button operation.
3. Popular in North and South America, Europe, Japan, Australia and other countries because of its unique shape and unique function.


Product name: shaker 10 set (oval wooden frame)
Single set size: 19*12*30.5cm
Single set weight: 1.1kg Carton
Patent no. :ZL2018302801412
1. A complete set of stainless steel cocktail shakers, ready to meet your needs anytime, anywhere
2. This set of bartender tools has three specifications, 350ML, 550ML and 750ML
3. Surface polishing process, not easy to oxidation, not easy to wear
4. Bamboo base, can meet your storage needs, keep the table clean
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