Paddle Boards inflator 20 psi paddle board electric 110w Sup Inflator Battery Operated Air Pump For Sup Max 20psi

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Product Description
Built-in Lithium Battery SUP Paddle boards inflator Pump
Size: 25*17.5*15.5
Packing size: 54.5*39*35
Tube length: 118cm
Voltage: 12v
Power type: Rechargeable Lithium battery
Noise: ≤85dB
MAX pressure: 16psi/20psi
Air flow: 70L/min

How to Use

1. connect the air tube and matching air nozzle.

2. Press unit switch button ( PSI/BAR) to select the desired unit.

3. Press the pressure adjust button " + "/ "-"to set the required pressure value.

4. After completing the above steps, press power button to startinflation

5. After finished, the item will automatically stop, then remove the air tube.

Precautions and warning

1. Do not block the air inlet at the bottom of the air pump. Make sure that the air inlet is unobstructed at all times
2. When the air tube is damaged, do not operate this product, please replace the hose immediately
3. Please do not unplug the hose while inflating to avoid high pressure injury
4. Do not continuely use the air pump for more than 15 minutes, the motor may overheat and cause internal damage, when working
for 15 minutes,please stay cool for 30 minutes
5. Avoid hot sun exposure
6. This product shall not be exposed to rain or water
7. Please don't leave while inflating
8. In order to avoid danger, do not aim the air port at the face or body when the air pump is working
9. If any internal parts are damaged, please do not use them and contact a professional for repairing
Problem shooting
Do not work when turn on: Please check the battery level
Normal startup but can not inflate: Please check whether the air pipe is property connected
Heating: The heating is normal due to the high-speed operation of the motor during the product operation. If the continuous
operation lasts for more than 15 minutes, please stop the machine for 30 minutes

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