Sunnytimes jet board battery powered water jet surfboard with electric motor

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Product Description

2019 Water dynamic surfing float board electric surfboard for sale

Product color white (other colors can be reserved)

Carrying weight <100KG

Surface speed, hydrostatic surface, 2.5m/s

Surfboard material ABS

Surfboard weight 8KG

Surfboard size 90*48*27CM

Blade Specifications Three-leaf full-infiltration diameter 18.5CM

Number of thrusters 1

Propeller voltage DC36V

Propeller speed 6500 rpm

Propeller power 3200W

Propeller material Aluminum alloy die casting

Propeller weight 1.5KG

Propeller size 20*20*22CM

Propeller installation method Independent suspension

Battery installation method Quick insertion and removal of self-locking structure

Lithium battery configuration Standard DC36V/10AH

Adapter DC42V/2A

Charging method Contact type

Charging time 2-5 hours

Endurance mileage 30-50 minutes (can increase battery capacity according to user demand to adjust cruising range)

Standard mode Press the main power switch for 3 seconds, the LCD screen lights up, the system defaults to standard mode.

Sports mode Tap the main power switch again and the system will adjust to the sport mode.

Power on and off Press the main power switch for 3 seconds to turn the system on. After 5 seconds, the system will shut down, stop using the system for 5 minutes, and the system will automatically shut down for 10 minutes.

Waterproof rating IP68

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