Toe Gel Bunion Splint

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Soft Toe Gel Bunion Splint-Straightener Professional Forefoot Cushions Toe Straightener Bunion Pads Relieve Hammer Toe Bunion Overlapping Toe Callus Blister for Men Women(1 Pair each pack)

Toe Separators relieve the pain of hallux valgus and prevent further damage to foot and it relieve pain of Hallux Valgus
Bunion,Overlapping Toe, Blister, Corns & Calluses.

The Toe Separators are made of medical grade gel SEBS, soft and stretchable, no deformation,
latex-free, washable, reusable. Relieve pain bunion pain effectively. Can also be used while exercising, such as running, yoga.

These Toe Separators are easy to wear lightweight & confortable, can be used in all shoes-Socks or barefoot, Highheels, Flats, Boots & Wide shoes and many moreways.

Six Pairs: Made from super soft flexible gel.

100% staisfaction Guarantee