Ukenn Science Jurassic Dinosaur Dig Kit Toy And tyrannosaurus Discover Dinosaurs fossil dig kit Toys For Kids

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The Dig kits of Dinosaurus
COMPLETELY READY TO START - Dino fossil kit contains: Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton and Steganosaurus skeleton, safety goggles, a
mallet, a chisel, a brush;
PERFECT GIFT FOR KIDS - DIY dinosaur excavation kit is great gift idea for little world explorers.
Girls and boys will spend hours in fascinating game while digging up fossils and assembling models.

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PLAY AND LEARN - Are your kid interested in dinosaurs or archeology? So digging dinosaur archeology kit for kids will be best
solution for them to learn while playing. Dinosaur dig kit toy will help your kid to learn patience and 3D thinking, improve fine
motor skills.
SCIENCE CAN BE FUN - Dig up dinosaurs bones of T Rex and Stegosaurus and learn how real dinosaur skeleton was look
like, fill realistic texture of dinosaur bones. Let your kid to fill himself as real scientist! HIGH QUALITY - 3D skeleton
dinosaur excavation kit made from high quality materials. 100% OF JOY!
Enter the fascinatmg world of discovery. archaeology and dinosaurs The kit is a wonderful educational jounrney as well as belling jolly good fun to complete! Discover the past and the exciting worid of dinosaurs! Your kids must like this dinosaur fossil digging kit Justlike unwrapping a gift.
Archaeological melthod:
1. Open the box. take out the plaster block buried with dmosaurs. put it on a newspaper or white paper 1or easy 2 Using archaeological tools. dig out buriad treasure gyp ofthem 3 Dig out all dmosaur bo.e pa,ts and wash them with water 4 Assemble works, arehaeological excavations completed you can find informatio. about dinosaurs: popular science education. to the impression