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BBQ Charcoal Grill Roaster Charcoal Stainless Steel Lamb Hog Pig Roast Machine Rotisserie BBQ Grill Roasting 110V Motor

  • Spin Electric and Manually Roasting Machine
  • Size:90x45x25cm. The inner diameter of the operating table is 89 cm. The electrical frame is 141cm wide (the widest part)

  • Motor Power:28W powerful motor with 40KG/88LBS strong torsion.Rotating speed: 5 turn every minute
  • Four removable rubber locking swivel casters, a stainless steel windshield can not only save amount of charcoal, but also make taste better
  • Completed roaster frame will be easy to move, assemble and disassemble, easy to store and clean, to be used for many different applications and to be efficient (to save charcoal)
  • Ideal for Roast lamb, goat, pig, chicken, etc. animal flesh in picinic or camping situation, enjoy delicacy outdoor


89Lbs Bearing Lamb Spit Roaster With Electric Motor Grill
This is a Brand New Stainless Steel BBQ Lamb Apit Roaster, it is easy to use, easy to clean and assemble, this will give you a very good experience.Skip the usual tedious clean up routine and join the party! The fully stainless steel construction gives it a sanitary look and provides ease of cleaning.

Take the cold-rolled sheet.
The product is durable, high temperature resistance.
Non defrmation, easy to clean, resistant to rust. Clean.
It is very easy to spin, it can save themanpower.
Stainless steel stable constructure,hard frame,durable,quality guaranteed.
The removable parts, can be flexible as your willing.
Environmental friendly, save more fuel and prevent thick smokes.
More wider accommodatation, roast more flesh at once time.
Temerature stay stable.
Electric roller of fork,flesh roasting all around.

Package Content:
40kg Capability Electric Motor
Roasting Roller Grill Fork
The Foot Frame Of Roaster Body

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