Adjustable Sport Wristband Weight Lifting gym Wrist support/magnetic heated wrist band(10 Pack)

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FULLY ADJUSTABLE FOR CUSTOM FIT: Ultimate comfort and excellent support for wrist. Easily adjust for different levels of compression from light to hard. Customize for your specific pain and movements.

EFFECTIVELY PREVENTS INJURY: Your wrist joints are made of tiny bones that can easily be injured, bruised, or even broken. This professional grade wrist support helps prevent painful injuries in any sport, work, or activity.

UNISEX FOR MEN, WOMEN, TEENS: Stylish design and look is great for all-day wear. Just what you need to prevent and heal Carpal Tunnel syndrome, painful tendons, sprains, bursitis, stiff wrist, and painful movement.

MATERIAL BREATHES FOR ADDED COMFORT: We use very high quality material that reduces perspiration even when you're working out. Feel the amazing comfort with different levels of compression that limit movement.

Many people get one for each wrist or 4 or 5 to share benefits with their entire family

Size: 7.8CM*40CM.
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