3D Cake Molds with Pusher Lifter Cooking Rings Set of 4(10 Pack)

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If you want to bake your dessert, bread, cake, sandwich, mousse, tiramisu, scones, soufflé, pudding, muffins, pie, brownies, macarons, muffins to a pro level.This stainless steel food ring mold set will be your assitant.They are simple to use and very suitable for professional chefs,amateur cooking enthusiasts and housewives.
This stainless steel cooking rings set are made of food grade 430 stainless steel, which is anti-rust and durable, sturdy and heat-resistant, not easy to deform, easy to clean and rust-free. They could be used for many times.
Each round stainless steel cake mold size is approx. 3.15 inch/ 8 cm in diameter, 1.58 inch/ 4 cm in height, proper size for you to make cakes and mousses, would not be too big or small, cater to your daily meal needs.
These small tools will help to treat your family members to the most delicious dessert.Our stainless steel cooking rings will help you to make them at home with your kids and family members,you will not only enjoy a taste feast, but also enjoy the happiness of making desserts.
4 stainless steel cake molds with 4 press covers.4 different shapes makes them practical kitchen tools for you to make cute and lovely dessert, such as mousses, cheesecakes, tiramisu and so on, they can also be used to shape other food, such as rice,sushi, minced meat , mashed potato and vegetables, to make them more eye-catching and appetizing.


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