Ab Wheel Slide 4 wheel roller with resistance band Multifunction Set with Push Up Bar Dumbbell Tensioner body strength trainer(Bulk 3 Sets)

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This Ab roller muscle set includes 2 Push Up Bars Handles Grips, 2 AB Roller Wheels, 1 Hook Up, 1 Roller Handle, 1 Stretched Band and 1 user maunal, which has 14 use methods for training.

Our home exercise equipment is made of food grade PP material, rubber and steel, strong, durable and lightweight, which ensures safety and comfort during training.

Our Ab wheel roller is s a relatively basic fitness equipment, can be combine be combined into a variety of training equipment. You can gradually deepen the difficulty of training, step by step.

Our gym wheel combination can be assembled and disassembled, you can combine to abdomen wheels, dumbbells, push-up kits, tensioner, massager according to your own needs, easy to use.

A workout wheel roller set with 14 types training methods allows you fast workout anywhere and anytime, build your abdominal muscles and enhance your core strength, no need to go to gym. It is the perfect training equipment for your home and office gym, save money and save time.


Material: ABS + Steel + Latex
Color: Pink, Light Blue
Weight: 2.07lb ( 0.95 kg )
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