Adjustable Hip Training Squat Glute Bridge Pad Hip Weight Thrust Belt

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Our booty belt for hip thrus works with dumbbells, kettlebells, and plates. Great for dumbbell hip thrust, glute bridge, squats, lunges, flat support, dips, reverse hyperextensions, B-Stance hip thrust, single leg hip thrust, side lunges, and more.

Hip Thrust Belt is perfect for any workout setting, whether it's at the gym, at home using your couch, outdoors in nature, or even on the go when you're traveling. The butt thrust belt works the glutes, legs, Shoulders, and arms, gives a fuller line, helps thin the thighs, and improves pelvic tilt.

Thrust belt is designed with soft extended non-slip sponge padding and high-quality velcro to keep you safe during your workout and rests perfectly on your hips. In addition, we have added a new adjustable length fixation strap, you can flexibly adjust the most suitable length to do your exercise. (Applicable waist: 23.6-59 inches)

Thrust straps are designed to be easy to use, allowing you to quickly equip and then work out, just 2 steps to starting the hip thrust exercise. Step1: Open the two straps on both sides; step2: Simply loop the straps through dumbbells/kettlebells and secure them with the Velcro, buckle up the fixed snap and you can start!
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