Adjustable Measuring Cups Magnetic bottom Kitchen Plastic Scale Tablespoon(2 Pcs) - MOQ 10 pcs

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Measuring spoons is made of high quality food grade PP material, BPA free and safe to touch food. Healthy and durable, no need to worry about rusting or bending. Beautiful appearance.

Adjustable measuring spoon set combines spoons, oz., ml and cups for all your cooking and baking needs. Measurements range from 5-130ml, 0.25-4oz. Accurate measurements are the key to successful baking.

With hanging holes at the end of the handle, the magnetic measuring spoons can be hung on any hook. Round magnet at the bottom on the stick to refrigerator perfectly which can save kitchen space. Very easy to use and place.

Just one measuring spoons plastic to accurately meet your ingredient needs. Two clearly graduated measurements. Manual push-position design is easy to use and measures solids, liquids and powders such as rice, sugar, flour, etc. It is not recommended to use this spoon to put sticky foods such as peanut butter or syrup.

The handle is strong, fits the hand shape, comfortable grip. Measuring cups and spoons set has no sharp and rough edges to ensure your safety when using it. After use you just need to clean it with water. There are screw accessories inside, please keep dry after cleaning. (not recommended to use dishwasher).