Aerobic exercise balance training foot massage pedal air inflatable stepper

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Perform aerobic stepper exercise anytime and anywhere, not affected by the weather, not restricted by the venue, and not limited by time.

can be used for stepping, exercising push-up, squatting, sitting balance, lunge in, Pilates, yoga etc...Exercising your body core strength.

Wobble cushions is made of wear-resistant PVC material, durable and non- slip.It has a better cushioning effect, the stepper is more stable and safer,to prevent accidental sliding and floor scratching. It’s safe if barefoot stepping.

33*37*8cm,Suitable for most women's size, a variety of colors (pink, blue, purple, green)to choose from.It occupies a small space and can be placed anywhere in the house for convenient exercise at any time.

A good for the loved once and friends,Increase daily aerobic stepper workout with lover.
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