All in one Kit for easy maintenance of your favorite air fryer(10 Pack)

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HIGH QUALITY SILICONE: This air fryer tray is made of 100% food grade silicone material for the ultimate level of flexibility and durability. It contains zero plastics and is BPA free, making it the perfect cooking accessory for your home & kitchen. An excellent way to provide safe extraction of cooked foods from your air fryer.
HEAT RESISTANT: This silicone round liner for air fryer baskets works great as a tray for cooking meals in your air fryer, microwave or oven and includes a silicone insert that divides the basket into separate compartments for cooking two different dishes at the same time. Both the silicone air fryer tray and insert can withstand temperatures up to 464°F/ 240°C. Silicone liner is durable enough to handle the colder temps of a refrigerator also.
NON-STICK SURFACE: The air fryer silicone liner and insert are durable, flexible and reusable. They protect your air fryer basket from sticky, greasy foods and help keep it looking good and operating longer. The stain resistant, non-stick surface is easy to clean by hand washing with warm soapy water or running through a dishwasher cycle.
HEALTHIER DESIGN: Featuring drainage channels built into the bottom of the line to prevent your food from laying in grease and a groove along the inside edge of the bottom that captures draining oil and keeps away from your food. These features allow for better cooking through even heat distribution and maximum circulation of airflow.
SILICONE ACCESSORIES: To add even more excitement to your air fryer experience, we include a few kitchen must haves; a pair of silicone gloves easy removing of the air fryer basket, a set of silicone covered tongs to make removal of individual food pieces from the air fryer easier and a silicone oil brush to spread flavored oils or sauces over your food evenly and quickly.

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