Automatic rebound abdominal roller wheel & Ab Wheel Slide 4 wheel roller with resistance band(Bulk 3 Sets)

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The ab stimulator primarily targets the abdominal muscles, especially the rectus abdominis. Additionally, this equipment can also exercise the muscles in the back, shoulders, chest, and arms, providing a comprehensive upper body workout.
Burn fat faster and sculpt your 6-pack with this amazing abs roller kit. Designed to tone your mind and body, so you can feel stronger, more confident, and shine from the inside out.
Our ab roller features intelligent auxiliary brakes and a built-in brake system for smoother, more controlled steel rebound.

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Our home exercise equipment is made of food grade PP material, rubber and steel, strong, durable and lightweight, which ensures safety and comfort during training.
Our Ab wheel roller is s a relatively basic fitness equipment, can be combine be combined into a variety of training equipment. You can gradually deepen the difficulty of training, step by step.
Our gym wheel combination can be assembled and disassembled, you can combine to abdomen wheels, dumbbells, push-up kits, tensioner, massager according to your own needs, easy to use.