Automatic Telescopic Tractor Retractable Dog Leash, Pet Rope - MOQ 10 Pcs

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Retractable dog straps that extend to 10/16 feet. The rope is durable and not easy to break. Comfortable grip design in line with the comfortable grip design, long time holding hands won't be tired

Durable rust proof swivel hook and steady impact-resistant ABS material prevents impact cracking caused by accidental falling. The top durable internal coil spring can be retracted continuously for many years.

The product adopts non-toxic plastic shell and environmental protection, nylon rope, metal lock, bending smooth, no noise, not easy to jam.

The handle of retractable dog leash is made of durable ABS material that fit your fingers with four recesses and your big thumb just put on the switch button. It is very convenient to operate and provides enjoyable walking experience with your pets and you don't need to worry about the dog leash will hurt your hand when the dog run about madly.

It’s widely applicable for any types of small and medium size dogs, cats and small animals up to 66lb weight. Well-controlling of pets is available while walking, training, jogging in the open air.

Easy Roll-On and Roll-Off with your thumb only. Allows you to adjust the distance between you and your dogs at anytime, protect the safety of pets and other pedestrians. Great for walking, running, camping and hiking, or going out for a leisurely stroll backyard activities.