Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser Wall-Mounted and Toothpaste Rack Free/Punch Free Toothpaste Squeezer

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Easy to clean- Automatic toothpaste dispenser is suitable for all kinds of toothpaste with an aperture of 0.47 inches or less. Both the brushing rack and toothpaste squeezer can be disassembled and washed directly with water.
Beauty- smart home products are not only essential for bathroom gadgets, but also beauty decorations for bathrooms, new homes or apartments.
Easy to use- toothbrush holder with toothpaste dispenser is a sanitary and convenient bathroom accessory, perfect for children and adults. You can quickly get the length of toothpaste you want by changing the intensity.
Easy to install- no drill, no hole. The bathroom organizer is simple to install and will not damage the wall. Before installation, please clean the wall, press the adhesive strip to completely bond the wall, and use it 24 hours later.
Durable- the sturdy traceless tape used by the toothbrush holder wall mount has excellent caulking effect. Whether it is plastic, metal, wood, mirror or tile, it can be firmly bonded, except for wallpaper that is easy to tear. It has good performance in high temperature and humid environment.