Baby Nursing Cover for Breastfeeding with Sewn-in Cloth - MOQ 10 PCS

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Baby Nursing Cover for Breastfeeding with Sewn-in Cloth & Matching Pouch Breastfeeding cover towel

nursing covers are made of 100% cotton fabric. Cotton is a different type of fabric than other cotton types. It has a more breathable, thinner, lighter, and softer structure. Due to this feature, it is perfectly compatible with the mother's and baby's skin.

Using nursing covers make You Feel Comfortable While Breastfeeding. Nursing Covers allow a mother to breastfeed when out in public or continue to socialize with friends and family while the baby sneaks a snack. Nursing Covers are there to provide privacy at any time.

The adjustable strap of nursing covers helps you get comfortable during breastfeeding.

This machine-washable fabric becomes softer as it is washed. You do not need to use fabric softener for this. It can be dried in a tumble dryer. Muslin fabric, which also has a quick drying feature, provides a very practical use, especially in travels.

Material: 100% cotton

Size: 100*70cm