Bag Clips Plastic Removable Rotating Lid Large Discharge Nozzle Seal And Pour Food Storage Snack Bag Clips

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* Easy to use- Easily install it on a plastic bag or paper bag, clamp it, rotate it to open the dust cover, and then pour out the food. Convenient and fast, and effective dustproof. The food bag sealing clip is reusable and washable, which will allow you to store and dump food easily.
* Keep Fresh- The sealing clip is designed to prevent air leakage. It can tightly press the packaging bag and prevent air from entering. The internal thread design of the nozzle can effectively seal, keep the food fresh and crisp, and prevent moisture. You don’t need to take the food out of the original package to seal the freshness of the food in the bag, and you don’t have to force yourself to finish the bag of snacks once, and you don’t need to throw it away.
* High-quality material- Made of food-grade PP material, no peculiar smell, safe contact with food, safe use. Light weight, small size, and environmental protection, not easy to break. It is easy to carry and can be used in the kitchen, living room, picnic, office or even traveling.
* Large size opening- The nozzle size is 2.6 inches, and the large pouring port can be used in a variety of large packaging bags, which is convenient for you to pour food, such as coffee beans, corn flakes, popcorn, chocolate, oatmeal, dog food, pasta, Spices and seasonings, etc.
* Keep tidy- There is no need to remove it when using, just turn the lid to pour out food and snacks. Easily store food and no longer spill out. It is a great gift idea for many people who want to make food sealing and pouring easier.