Bag sealing clips bag airtight seal clamp

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Four size plastic bag sealing clips bag airtight seal clamp lid tri clamp seal silicon tri clamp seal.

Say goodbye to stale food and freezer burn, bag sealers slide across the entire food storage bag to keep air and moisture out.

Freezer safe and dishwasher safe. Fold the bag over 1x and slide across the bag. Color-coded in 4 sizes to seal everything from kids snacks to family size frozen vegetables.

Unlike bulky food storage containers, reusable bag clips are small, compact, don't wear out and save your money with near zero waste.

If it’s in a bag, seal it or divide it into smaller sections/serving sizes.

Great for marinating and weekly meal prep.

Zero sharp edges to cause cuts or scratches, zero small parts that can cause a choking hazard and no metal clips or springs to rust, weaken, or pinch little fingers