BBQ Chicken Drumsticks Rack Stainless Steel Roaster Stand with Drip Pan - MOQ 5 Pcs

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* This foldable rack is all you need to expand your grill space or just keep food warm. premium-quality grill rack a permanent addition to your collection of barbecue accessories, When it's time to hit the backyard, patio, deck, or beach for your next cookout, make sure you have this handy rack attachment.

This grill stand will let you keep food nice and warm without getting in your way and will keep you from overcooking any of your grilled masterpieces! When you have to get those chicken wings or ribs cooked for a big crowd, you have to worry about the cooked food cooling off while you're finishing up the rest of the meal.


Each Pack Counts as One Unit
Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ) - 5 Units

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