BBQ Rib Rack Non Stick Rib Roast Rack for Grill-Non-Stick Reversible Roast

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MADE FOR MEAT: Securely hold ribs while barbecuing on the grill. Besides holding ribs while grilling, the rack can also be turned over to hold a turkey. The rib rack for smoking holds up to 6 racks of rib at one time.

INCLUDES BASTING BRUSH: The delivery includes a silicone basting brush that can be used to baste, season, and perfect meat while grilling meals. It's the perfect accessory to go with rib racks for grilling and smoking.

USE TO HOLD RIBS: To get ribs into the perfect grilling or smoking position, simply place each rack of ribs into a slot. Your meat is now ready for seasoning and grilling in the BBQ rib rack for grill.

FOR TURKEY TOO: The reversible rib rack for smoker can also be used to hold a bird too! Simply flip over the rack and the scooped design is perfect for holding a whole turkey.

EASY TO CLEAN: No fuss, no muss. The non-stick finish means cooked-on meat is easier to remove from our rib racks for grilling. To clean the rack, wash by hand or in the dishwasher.

Product Name: BBQ Rib Rack
Size: 35*11.5*19.5cm 

Color Black
Function : BBQ ,Cooking