Breathable Working Safety Back Brace Lumbar Waist Support for Heavy Lifting - MOQ 10 pcs

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Wide and lengthy hook and loop fastener from the front panels make it easier for wearing, tightening and removing the brace. It also saves undesirable ridging of skin that causes pain when bending and sitting

Back panel with breathable nylon material. Improved aeration ability minimizes development of heat around back panel for extra comfort

Top quality knit suspenders enhance comfort during use minimizing impinge on the groin area. Ideal for daily use during work

Prevents chronic back pain, treats lumbar strains, muscle strains, pain from over use and develop better back posture for sitting and working. Specifically designed for industrial use.

The lumbar support back brace is great for:

The people who are involved in heavy work like weight lifting.

The people who are always sitting in front of the computer or doing the daily chores.

The older people who need support or feel painful on their back or waist