Built-in Camping Sleeping Pad Inflatable Sleeping Mat with Pillow Foot Pump Camping Mat 4 Inch thickenss Waterproof Portable

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This sleeping pad supports your body with the wave-shape air cells. Up to 77 X 27.5 X 4 inch, the camping sleeping pad keeps your body from the ground and gives you every comfortable and warm sleeping night. 4" Thickness and built-in pillow are suitable for every sleeping position.

This camping pad owns an innovative built-in foot pump that you’re able to stomp on it at the bottom of the sleeping pad for only 30 seconds to inflate. On the contrast, open the deflation plug and only need 1 sec to deflate quickly thanks to the newest single-layer air release valve design. With the upgraded design, you shall never worry about air leaking and get a comfortable whole-night sleep.

Made of tough 40D nylon and TPU coating, the camping mat is water-resistant, wear-resistant which is perfect for every weather, condition and terrain. It’s the best companion for camping, travel, hiking, fishing, climbing, etc. Weight Capacity is strong enough to support, and just enjoy the sleeping pad while using it.

The ultralight sleeping mat weighs only 1.6 lbs like a small water bottle and can be folded up to a compact pack as small as 4.3 x 10.6 inch to carry easily. This portable sleeping pad is the most powerful camping gear, fitting in any backpack or suitcase and never be your burden.

In order to make more fun to your camping trip, one side of the sleeping pad is equipped with buttons to be connected with another one. It’s supposed to create a double bed, making a wider space for you to
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