Buttocks Mask Whitening Lift Collagen

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From Sweaty leggings to sitting down for hours, your butt skin goes through a lot, its as sensitive as the skin on your face. so it's about time you show it some love. The booty lifting patches and cream help to enhance the look of your hips and butt area. Hydrating and smoothing skin to reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.

Reduce the appearance of blemishes and alleviate dullness, leaving your skin plump, moisturized and radiant looking. its like sunshine for your behind whitening and meticulously brightening the skin tone of the buttocks, combating hard and elastic, stubborn build-up, removing deep dark lines on the buttocks.

Gold Collagen Mask Lift Butt Mask Whitening Crystal Hydrogel Collagen Buttocks Mask

Same product come si different colors - Gold, Pink & Clear

Combats fat storage to slim your silhouette.

The plant extracts combination helps dissolve excess fat for a firmer and more toned appearance while antioxidants protect your skin by neutralizing free radicals.

Targeting body firming and anti cellulite treatment its smooth formula fights cellulite and saddlebags and leaves skin feeling soft and more youthful.

Make your butt look awesome in a bikini. Reshape contours of the buttocks area while restoring firmness.


Main Ingredient: Collagen, vitamin c,Glycerin,Hydrogel
Function: Anti-Puffiness/Anti-Wrinkle/Dark circle remove/Reduce the fine lines