Chakra Tuning Fork Set for Healing, 7 Chakra and 1 Soul Purpose Weighted Colorful Solfeggio Tuning Forks, Aluminum Alloy With Rubber Mallet, Wrench, Cleaning Cloth And Exquisite Aluminum Box.

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Chakra tuning fork set is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material with corrosion resistant quality, longer sound and precise frequency
The Chakra tuning forks set can be widely used in sound healing, align 7 body chakras, cleanse the energy, Improve learning concentration, quick send negative emotions, improve insomnia, promote positive energy, massage, teach and meditation etc.
Solfeggio tuning fork set included 8 tuning forks 126.22 Hz, 136.1 Hz,141.27 Hz,172.06 Hz,194.18 Hz,210.42 Hz,221.23Hz,272.2Hz. Rubber mallet, repair tool, cleaning cloth and exquisite aluminum box.
Chakra tuning fork set with elegant appearance and considerate design, that is a great gift for Valentine's Day, Father's Day, graduation, birthday, promotion, vacation etc. It would bring a clear and nice sound to all your families, even your cute pets.

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