Children's Balance Astronaut Balance Tree Folding Happy Intelligence Early Education Decompression Game Table Battle, Decorating Characters(10 Pack)

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  1. Set: Upgrade to Large Blue, 48 Astros+1 Penalty Plate+1 Storage Bag
    2. Preferred material, tough and durable, smooth without edges, not easy to deform and crack.
    3. There are many gameplay methods that are easy to learn, simple rules that can be understood at a glance. Children and parents enjoy playing with different gameplay methods
    4. Divide the astronaut pieces equally, and the party with the smaller dice points will take turns placing a piece on the balance tower. Whoever causes the balance plate to lose balance and the number of astronauts dropped will be attributed to the other party, until one party wins all the astronauts and wins.
    5.Push roulette to make the game more fun.                                                                    Each pack Contains 1 Item based on your check out count of selection