Cooking Oil Vinegar Sprayer Dispenser Stainless Steel Oil Sprayer Bottle(10 Pack)

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Olive Oil Sprayer Dispenser Stainless Steel Oil Sprayer Bottle For Cooking Vinegar Sprayer

premium oil sprayer is constructed of high quality stainless steel to withstand everyday, and commercial usage.

Durable stainless steel covers the entire container to protect it from falls and for long-lasting use.

Non-slip cap button with anti-leak gaskets are optimal for a mess-free experience. Ergonomic design for easy and comfortable use. Lead-free oil sprayer for safe and healthy cooking. Items included; Modern stainless steel oil sprayer, funnel, and cleaning brush.

Perfect for grilling/BBQ, baking, smoking, salads, and cooking. Essentials oil sprayer is able to use a wide variety of oils such as; vinegar, lime/lemon juice, water, wine, avocado oil, coconut oil, BBQ sauce, and soy sauce.

Essentials oil sprayer allows you to maximize oil usage with an efficient equal flat spray, ideal for a variety of cooking tasks.

Perfect for adding flavor to your favorite dishes without adding extra calories

Front window cut displays the amount of oil in the container in milliliters (mL). Window cut display allows you to measure the amount of oil being applied for precise cooking recipes or weight-watching. Small and compact for on-the-go, or any size drawer.

Simple twist-off cap allows for easy clean-up without breaking. Sprayer can also be removed for deep cleaning with wire brush. Stainless Steel material is incredibly easy to upkeep, maintain, and clean. Dont' be afraid to drop it.

Press the cap several times to generate enough vacuum pressure inside the container to spray the oil. Do no fill the container above the 100mL line, the air inside the container helps with generating pressure for the spray to be released.

Once the sprayer is primed, press the button fast and hard to generate a flat mist, slow and controlled for a precise stream.

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