Aerobic waist twisting foot disc & Ballet Gymnastics Figure Skating Combo Pack - MOQ 10 Pcs

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Massage fitness twist a waist dish like a can't move the skateboard and hula hoop, small footprint, easy to use, very practical to use.

Massage fitness twist a waist dish like a can't move the skateboard, small footprint, easy to use, easy to practice, effectively burns calories and combines the advantage of aerobic exercise with reflexology.

The wave disc will massage and stimulate meridian points on the bottom of the feet and help promote good health.

Item - 2

Turning board is ideal for any budding dancer or ballerina keen to improve their balance when turning.

WIDER, THICKER FOAM AND CURVIER DESIGN FOR LESS FRICTION - This ballet turning board pro is specifically designed with a curvier look to help reduce friction and improve your turns and spins.

Ideal for Ballerinas, Dancers, Skaters the 360º turn board is the perfect accessory for any dancer. Regardless of your chosen style of dance, turning board is a great tool to help you improve crucial skills to dance such as your balance and turning techniques