DIY Quiet Book for Toddlers, Montessori Busy Book for Kids, Dinosaur Preschool Learning Activities Learning & Education Toys(10 Pack)

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Keep Your Kids Busy Learing: Based on key concept of Montessori education, our busy book is specially designed for toddlers, not only a game toy, but also a early learing aids. Bright colors and cute animal shapes are easy to attract children's attention, allow your children to learn while playing and give you some quiet time.
Preschool Activity Books: Synchronous cultivation of multi-dimensional sense organs, cultivation of hearing, touch, and vision, allowing children to learn happily in games.
High Quality: Made of high quality material, strong and durable, water resistant, not easy to bend, tear and deformation.The answer card is designed with rounded corners,prevent your kids' hand injury caused by card.
Easy to Operate: 1 Put the hooks velcro on the busy book fisrt, attach the maos velcro to the back of the card. 2、Tear off the answer card(the cards are easy to be torn by baby hand, no need to cut) 3、Put the card to the correct place on the book. Repeatedly to stick and match will improve kid's fine motor skill
Perfect Montessori Toys: Our busy books are pefect as toddler learning toy, well-designed activities help toddlers learn naturally through play, develop their basic recognition, hand-eye coordination ability, sensory thinking ability, and promote focus attention, improve memory. Quiet book are also suitable as travel toy.

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