Dotted with Comfortable Grip tourmaline Socks

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Pain relief, better blood circulation, faster healing and recovery

Helps with plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, arthritis, diabetes and other foot disorders

Nano tourmaline particles in fabric, socks can relieve leg fatigue, relieve pain, regulate the nervous system, remove moisture and odor, eliminate leg and foot swelling, regulate blood circulation. Warm socks can relieve foot diseases, such as blood circulation disorders, arthritis, colds or other warm symptoms. If you have the need to relieve the above symptoms, you might as well try this pair of socks.

Relieve pain, fatigue and regulate the nervous system, reduce swelling, Fit the curve of the foot, make the hot spots close to the skin of the sole of the foot, static massage the sole of the foot to eliminate fatigue and relieve the soreness of the foot. When you walk, using our tourmaline socks is a natural and relaxing way, allowing you to enjoy new vitality and comfort.

Transform body heat into therapeutic far infrared energy, Mild fever, health massage socks can be used for foot acupuncture point massage, it feels cold and warm to the feet. Automatic heating can eliminate moisture, odor and swelling in the legs, thereby regulating blood circulation. This is definitely a good choice for you who are born with cold hands and feet.

Perfect if you have always cold feet, Winter warm socks are ideal for outdoor activities, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, hockey and other sports. The bottom of the socks is designed with tourmaline material, which can automatically heat up slightly in cold weather to relax your feet.

Made of high-quality polyester fiber, soft and comfortable, with a long service life. Any question about the product, please feel free to contact us, we will help you solve the problem.