Dual Sided Exfoliating Personal Back Body Scrubber with Belt Handle - MOQ 10 Pcs

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Personalize bath time with your 2-sided body scrubber. featuring massaging beads and scrubbing bristles. Dual-Sided, Dual Benefits – Indulge in a gentle massage or full-body exfoliation.

Quality and comfort are our priorities, as our premium quality back scrubber belt has a double-sided design to make bathing and showering more enjoyable. One side consists of a dense brush head and the other side consists of massage dots. It’s also very stretchable and easy to hang on the wall, as it comes with a hooked-shaped handle.

Enjoy luxurious, smooth skin even tough area to reach. Cleanse and exfoliate dead skin all over your body with your back scrubber for shower

skin to skin contact when we use back scrubber belts, it’s very important the material we use is non-toxic.

Made of environmentally friendly high-quality silicone material, so it’s 100% safe for the human skin. It can exfoliate and remove dead skin cells and smoothen the skin.

Made of high-quality silicone material, nicely made, more durable and sturdy, strong and not easy to break, can gently exfoliate and massage your skin. When you use it, you will find more advantages comparing with other similar products.



Length: 27.5 Inches