Flower skirt couple rabbit doll plush toy Long Legs(Bulk 3 Sets)

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Flower skirt rabbit doll plush toy super soft doll long ear rabbit gift doll pillow girlfriend

You will receive 3 doll each 35cm

waiting to be adopted by her new family and friends! She wears a highly detailed pink ballerina tutu, shoes with matching bow, furry dance top and a cute pink in her floppy bunny ears.

You and your child will love Lilly's calm and serene facial expression. She helps her friends stay calm, fall asleep and is always there for snuggles and hugs. She's great as a bedtime safe stuffed animal and looks great on display in your nursery.

easy for your kids to take anywhere for cute cuddles and soft snuggles. Besides, with a sturdy loop at the top of the rabbit, you can hang it for girl's room decoration.

The bunny smiles with her eyes shut. The dress with little flowers and rose blush are to girls' heart's content.

The Material of our Plush Rabbits is of good quality. They are durable, resistant to stains and easy to maintain. Machine wash with cold water on gentle cycle and you can find them become the same as new.

Our Rabbit Plush Toy is an ideal gift for girls, children, and your lovers. It is perfect for birthdays, weddings, holidays, parties, supplies ect.

Package Includes:

Each pack Contains 1 Long Legs Doll based on your check out count of selection.