Folding Portable Washing Machine for Clothes Cleaning Washer for Socks Underwear Mini Washing Machine with Drain Basket(10 Pack)

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This washing machine is portable and compact, which is very suitable for washing childrens clothing, underwear, socks, towels, etc.effectively remove dirt,and make your clothes clean.

This mini washing machine is made of environmentally friendly TPE materials.You can use this washing machine to wash some socks, intimate clothing, or baby clothes, etc. This washing machine will help you deeply clean, which is very practical.

This washing machine is foldable that you can easily take it with you, suitable for both home and travel use.The foldable bucket type design for easy storage When not in use.

This washing machine is carefully designed with three modes, you can choose one of them according to the actual situation.One button to control the washing machine, easy to use, just touch the button for two seconds to start the washing machine.It can also be used to clean fruit.

Clothes washing machines adopts energy efficient, using little water and electricity, and also reduces wasted resources washing due to small washer compact design.
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