Gold 24k collagen neck mask sheet patch Moisturizer lifting anti wrinkle

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moisturizer lifting anti wrinkle pad 24k gold collagen neck mask sheet patch

The carrier of Line-Reducing Hydration Crystal Neck Mask is Chrystal Collagen Membrane, which stores hyaluronic acid in high concentration and natural extracts that can whiten and moisturize the skin efficiently.

The nutrients can permeate the horny layer on the neck quickly via the closed one-way transmission transdermal system, which can hydrate, inhibit the neck pigmentation and reduce wrinkles.

The neck will become plump, bright and flexible after 20 minutes. It will improve the blood circulation, supply nutrition, and make the skin soft and flexible after it is used in a long term.

It is especially beneficial for the mature skin that is loose, dry, dark, lack of elasticity or has neck wrinkles, as well as for the loose skin after diet.


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