Gold Sublimation Blanks Pacifier luxury pacifier for baby Personalized Bling Baby Feeder Pacifier Clip(10 Pack)

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The gold baby pacifier clip has stylish unisex patterns, a modern and neutral color for both boys and girls. Inspired by european design, the personalized bling pacifier is perfect for baby showers, christenings, gender reveals, party photo shoots, and more, and makes the perfect growing baby gift.

The golden baby pacifier is made of silicone and metal, is very safe for the baby to suck and will not cause any harm. The bling pacifier adopts a one piece seamless design, which will not conceal dirt, and there is no concealing danger of swallowing, it has no adverse effects on the baby your baby's.

The letters pacifier is super light and flexible, it helps reduce oral fatigue, can help you comfort your baby when the baby is crying, baby soother cooperate with the natural development of the baby's teeth and gums, and promote the development of the baby's oral cavity.

Cylindrical shape allows your baby to mimic the shape of their tongue while breastfeeding, the golden personalized pacifier with clip initials is designed with a rounded arc, which is ergonomic and reduces friction with the nose, making it more comfortable for your baby, helping to protect your breastfeeding journey.
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