Hand Picked Ingredients Body Scrub Exfoliating Whitening Skin Polish Moisturizing(Bulk 3 Sets)

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Fresh, light exfoliating salt texture infused with the essence of roses, it effortlessly melts onto the skin and gently refines to reveal smoother fresher skin.

Combining salt and rose can soothe the muscles, soften the skin and relax the body and mind. Body Scrub Reveals smoother, fresher skin Fresh with the rose extract.

Key Benefits:

Our rose body scrub is an exclusive recipe of lush nutrients that delivers gentle exfoliation and healthy hydration;

Repairs and protects dry and fragile skin;

The naturally moisturizing salt crystals will gently remove dead cells;

Leaving it looking and feeling clean and thoroughly revitalized.


1. Massage a handful of body polish into the skin.

2. Let sit for a minute or two for complete hydration.

3. Rinse off.

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