Handy Salad, Pizza Chopper & Pizza Cutter and Server Slicer Super Sharp Combo Pack - MOQ 10 Pcs

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Stainless steel fruit, vegetable & salad chopper & dicer, pizza cutters, herb mincer, cheese mushroom slicer, sharp rocker slicer blade as mezzaluna chef knife with protection cover - multipurpose use for home kitchen or restaurant.

Double & Anti-Slip Handle facilitates an easy rocking motion, comes with a sleek black blade cover so you don't have to worry about any accidents, it also can be safely washed on the dish washer.

Item - 2

Super innovative, the latest technology in the pizza parlor! This pizza cutter wheel set can slice the thickest crust with the serrated knife edge or cut through the scored lines on your pizza pie with ease. Simply Slice n’ Slide with the integrated cake/pie server under your piece of pizza.

Ordering pizza or making your own is one of the best family night dinners. Serve, those thick cheesy slices of pizza or thin crusty pizza like a pro with the sharp pizza cutter. It will cut through smoothly, cleanly and easily without making a mess!