Head Massager electric scalp machine daul vibrating head massage octopus(3 Pack)

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【Deep Relaxation】The head vibration tool also contains red light therapy. It promotes blood circulation, helps against migraines and eliminates fatigue. Our head massager scalp is built in a vibration massage device with moderate vibration frequency. It makes your head feel relaxed and refreshed.
【Effective Head Massage】The scalp head massager is designed with 10 vibration contacts, 360° distribution to massage your head, helping for relaxation, improving sleeping, reducing stress and tension. Ergonomically designed to fit all head circumferences.
【5 Massage Modes】The hands-free head massager has 5 modes (Vitality/Soothing/Leisure/Beauty/Sleep Mode) to meet the needs of different groups of people. The electric scalp massager is suitable for those people who are under work stress, fatigue, anxiety, dizziness, etc.
【Wireless & Rechargeable】Compact, rechargeable, cordless portable design allows you to massage anywhere on the go. This scalp massager will automatically shut off after 15 minutes of continuous use.
【Ideal Gift】You can enjoy a hands-free head scratcher to soothe your fatigue while reading, working or sleeping. This head massager will be the best gift for Christmas, Valentine's Day or birthday gifts to mom dad men women, or friends.

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