Heavy duty keychain Titanium carabiner clips Multifunctional keychain(Bulk 3 Sets)

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You will not even notice these are in your pocket or attached to your belt: Ultra lightweight 14 Grams Full Titanium Key Holder
Easily hooks To your keyrings, loops, and other attachments. Hook on to grocery bags quickly for easy carry.
Organize all your keys with this Titanium Carabiner with Tool set: Large capacity holds all your key chain, caribeaners, edc,
smaller carabiners with ease. Double loop design one one too and one on bottom. Both accessible with just one push lever
Never lose your keys again. And always have a handy Philips head, flat head screw driver, hex, and bottle opener handy.
Dimensions and weight: about 2.3x1.0x0.2 inches; Total Weight 17.8 Grams
Easily attaches to belt loops without a thought. Beautiful and slip resistant: Titanium with Glossy Stonewash surface for
better grip and beauty
Heavy duty keychain that will take drops and beating: Superior craftsmanship and Full Titanium construction for non corrosive,
4x strength of steel, ultra lightweight, and nonmetallic smell.