High Quality 10ml Pacifier Feeder Syringe Type Silicone Baby Medicine Pacifier Baby Feeding Set(Bulk 3 Sets)

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Designed to easily administer liquid medication to newborns and babies, the pacifier medicine dispenser helps moms with fussy babies and the feeding process. It gives the baby a pacifier to suck on while they get the medication they need.
Fill the measuring cup with the accurate dose of liquid and fill syringe. Insert syringe into the tube with a slight twist. Place pacifier in baby's mouth and press the syringe slowly to release the fluid. Once all fluid is out of the syringe, remove the plunger piece to allow baby to finish sucking entire dose
1 syringe, 1 pacifier, 1 measuring cup, 1 tube brush, 1 storage case. This is a set of 3.
Syringe can hold up to 10 ml of liquid. It's BPA free as well as food grade tested. Works for infants and older as well. Its easy to clean and the extended tube detail makes it easier to feed; no need to hold it upright the entire time.