High Quality Makeup Sponge Set Makeup Sponges Blender 8pcs Set

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The classic rounded end of the sponge is suitable for flat and large areas of the face: can be smoothly applied to the cheeks, forehead and chin. The precise pointed tip end can be used well on the nose, eyes, mouth and other small parts.

This makeup sponge blender set includes 8 x egg-shaped sponges, which is perfect for various cosmetics, foundation, BB cream, powder, concealer, isolation - Unique key to the activation of your daily makeup look.

Makeup sponges are made of non-latex sponge, soft touch, excellent elasticity, friendly to the skin, 100% non-irritating to sensitive skin and delicate skin. Suitable for makeup lovers of all ages and genders.

Makeup sponges are suitable for applying powder when they are dry, and they will expand when wet, that can simple but effective to pick up any type of makeup, making the makeup more natural and perfect when applying makeup.