High Quality Round Grill Wok with Handle for Big Green Egg Veggie Basket BBQ Accessory Barbecue(10 Pack)

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High Quality Metal and Thickened Pan Wall-The metal is food grade material,do not worry the weird chemical odor when heated,and our pan is thickened made,to provide heat evenly and good heat conductors so that foods will not stick and scorch,when we use in the high temperature of grilling,it s not easy warped deformation.Perfect for frying vegetables, meats and seafood
Safety Nonstick Coating-It has a thick coating on the pan of surface to avoid sticky on wok,and no worries hard to wash whenever we grill the fish shrimp salmon some food is easy sticky,it will works very well,the Exquisite plating technology keeps the coating from peeling off,durable in use.
This is a great pan for grilling and stir -fry- Especially useful for grilling those small pieces of vegetables,as cut up carrots and green beans etc...No worries of the food falling through the grates,or stir frying broccoli, other things like Scallops and shrimp hot pepper okra zucchini,Don't need the skewers anymore,besides It allows your to grill get that smokey flavor.
How to maintains- Any nonstick wok of coating needs careful maintenance during the using and cleaning,we can apply a little of cooking oil on surface of pan before using,to avoid some foods is sticky to the pan bottom,we suggest hand-wash with warm water after used, do not put in the wash dish machine,it will destroy the nonstick protective coating,as result its impossible to achieve non- sticky,please keep it in dry place when not use .