Hot & Cold Pack Reusable Ice Bags for Injuries(10 Pack)

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Ice Cold Pack Reusable Ice Bags for Injuries, Hot & Cold Therapy and Pain Relief with Elastic Breathable Support Wrap

ice bag, easy to add ice cubes and water (no more than 2/3) for cold therapy. Add hot water for hyperthermia (not more than 2/3), do not boil.

Bag is used in hot and cold therapy, ice pack can restrict blood flow, reduce swelling, reduce muscle spasms, heat pack can improve pain, etc.

Reusable pack can be used multiple times with cold or warm water. Great for adults, apply to neck, chest, ankles, legs, knees, abdomen, back, shoulders and more.

Safe and non toxic ice bag, soft, waterproof and pliable wrap to hold hot and cold water longer than gel packs or other bags, leakage proof lid and waterproof design.

The ice pack is lightweight, small and easy to carry. It fits perfectly in your home, office, car and travel bag to prevent accidental sprains or pain.
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