Household Cleaning Tools Desktop Cleaning Mini Broom and Dustpan Set Wooden Handle(Bulk 3 Sets)

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【HIGH QUALITY MATETIAL】This hand broom and dustpan set is mainly made of high-quality PP material, which is not easy to wear and deformation, safe and durable, and can be used for a long time.
【GOOD CLEANING TOOLS】With a 45 ° bevel design, the bristles are soft and dense, small broom with dustpan combo set without damaging the surface, seamlessly fit the ground, and do not leak dust when sweeping. whisk broom You can use it to easily remove the fine dust and dirt from corners and hard to reach areas.
【ANTISKID HANDLE】The handle whisk broom and dustpan set is non slip to prevent hands from slipping when they touch water. You can easily grasp it, and it has suspension holes, so you can make full use of the space beside the wall for easy storage.
【WIDE APPLICATION】You will receive a set of products, including 1 mini broom and 1 dustpan. Compact structure, not occupying space. It can be used to clean the debris on the home, office, table, sofa, keyboard, kitchen counter, cabinet, window, etc.
【UNIQUE DESIGN】The hand whisk broom adopts a deep concave design, and the convex dustpan mouth can better lock the dust swept in, so that the fragments are not easy to fall off. Make it easier for you to do housework and keep your personal space clean and tidy.

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