Household portable automatic 360° rotating smokeless barbecue machine bbq grill(5 Pack)

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The grill is suitable for all kinds of food from meat to high-quality vegetables.can be used for outdoor travel, party activities, family barbecue, leisure and entertainment, and enjoy leisure and entertainment.

non-sticky metal removable oil cup, easy to clean. A good helper for family barbecue, you can enjoy oven-roasted chicken more conveniently and healthily.

304 stainless steel heating tube, environmental protection stainless steel cover. Imitation charcoal for fire prevention, high temperature and high temperature, indoor smokeless barbecue, healthy and safe.

360rotation and rotation to heat evenly, so that the food is heated more evenly, delicious, and the barbecue flavor is more prominent. It is not easy to burn, the food is not sticky, and the color is uniform.
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