Inflatable Neck Pillow for Traveling, Portable Head and Neck Support Pillows, Suitable for Sleep Rest, Airplane, Car, Office and Outdoor

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This is an inflatable neck support pillow. It has a built-in inflator pump that you just easily squeeze to inflate. It is lightweight and easy to carry. Deflate the pillow, fold it into the extra bag and take it away. Save space in your bag for an long trip.

air pillow could be washed. You will feel comfortable with a portable clean pillow for long flights or camping trips.

Super light and foldable, easy to put into the luggage box, palm size, will not take up your storage space

High plush fabrix material, comfortable skin, help to improve your sleep quality

Backpack pillows have a great protective effect on the waist, especially for long-time sitting staff, you can put the pillow on the waist to reduce the burden on the waist
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