Inner Thigh Toner Kegel Exerciser Pelvic Floor Trainer Hip Trainer Exercise Equipment(10 Pack)

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The pelvic floor strengthening device’s oval plates on both sides can rotate in 360 degrees, so the users can adjust different angles to accommodate their different body parts. It can be used to train thighs, arms, hip, back, pelvic, abdomen, etc., especially suitable for postpartum women, and women who has figure distress, such as thigh flab, flabby arms, fatty back, flat butt, etc.

The thigh workout equipment for women has three-level force to adjust resistance by screwing to different position. The resistance at the bottom is the smallest, while the top is the largest. So, it can meet your needs of force at different stages of exercise.

Our inner thigh exercise equipment, learning from the shortcomings of the small and cheap trainers, has been upgraded in design. It is designed into oval shape on sides to increase the contact surface with user’s skin. Thus, not only user's flesh will not be pinched, but also the trainer will not pop out during use. Moreover, the soft rubber is enlarged, so the user will feel comfortable when using.

This inner thigh toner incorporates smart chip inside which can count accurately. It’s recording can help you master exercise intensity, which is a good reference for you to develop a training plan to achieve good training effect. And, the counting display adopts type-c fast charging. Charging completion only spends around 1-2 hours.

Our thigh workout adopts eco-friendly materials, free of smell and burr. It has excellent resistance to impact and wearing. The embedded design in structure contributes to its high load-bearing, so it is hard to deform and free of squeaky noise.
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