Kebab Grill Basket, Kebab Basket Stainless Steel Size:34*22.5*59.5 cm - MOQ 5 Pcs

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keeping everything intact and preserving their own best flavors Or you can have the whole grill basket dedicated to a full batch of chopped veggies, entire fish, chicken wings, or burger patties.

Large Fish Grill Basket: Wide and deep cooking area accommodates abundant veggies, meats, fish fillets or whole fish and permits stirring and shaking for even cooking.
While the perfectly spaced grating lets maximum smoke flavor and heat in but keep foods from falling through the grates.

Stainless Steel Grill Accessories: Grill confidently knowing your stainless steel grill basket will not fail! Sturdily built from high-strength stainless steel,
this fish grill basket will not warp, rust or break under high temperatures and is naturally easy to clean with soap, water and a scrubby sponge.

Lockable Fish Grill Basket: Simply lock the lid to keep everything securely caged in and stir, shake or flip to get a nice even char. No more need to individually flip each piece of food and risk tearing