Kegel Balls Weights Kit Exercise Pelvic Vaginal Tightening(Bulk 3 Sets)

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Effective exercise of pelvic floor muscle function: Kegel exercise improves the function of pelvic floor muscles by contracting and relaxing the muscle groups in the pelvic floor, and is recognized as a method to prevent and improve female pelvic floor organ prolapse, vaginal relaxation, and urinary incontinence.

When standing, if the pelvic floor muscles exert half or less of the maximum force, it is appropriate to clamp the ball.

When standing, it won't have a significant impact, and some people can't feel the presence of Kegel balls, so this kind of force is also suitable.

when the Kegel balls are inserted, they must be able to speak normally without excessive force. If they feel like they need to be tightly clamped on their buttocks and afraid to speak, it means the ball is not suitable and too heavy.

Kegel balls are packaged in boxes with sizes 1-3, ranging in size from large to small and weight from light to heavy. And exercise is a gradual process, from light to heavy. No.1 has the largest volume and lightest weight; Number 3 has the smallest volume and heaviest weight.

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